Art Students Sketch at Royal BC Museum


by Colin Smith, Grade 12

This week on October 5th, the AP Studio Art class went downtown to the Royal BC Museum. The intention was to sketch as much as we could in a one class time period, which was an hour. The exhibit we were sketching offered many things to sketch such as totem poles, plants and animals.

For the entire hour, I stayed in the animal section and ended up sketching around four different animals. I accumulated sketches of a ram, mountain goat, a black bear, and a fox. The real interesting part of doing these sketches was that all the animals were life-size, and it really allowed you to capture the proportions well. Also, since the animals were all propped up on blocks, I was able to move around them and sketch them from different angles. Trying to sketch from different angles allowed me to see the difficulty difference in sketching from one angle oppose to another, which I thought was interesting.

Overall, I thought this was a great trip, and a great way to spend an art class. Sketching is my main interest in terms of art, and having the opportunity to sketch real animals close up was definitely a new experience for me.


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