The Fugitives Captivate SMUS

by Erin Anderson, editor

Last Friday, one the SMUS’ favourite musical guests returned to perform for students. Modern folk band The Fugitives brought their mix of music and poetry to the Copeland Lecture Theatre.

The eclectic quartet played songs from their two latest albums, Eccentrically We Love and Find Me, including “Breaking Promises” and “Blue Belle Lament.” With the aid of accordion, guitars and the occasional harmonica, The Fugitives performed lively and melodic songs with rapid-fire lyrical precision. In between songs, they talked about the strange life of pianist Glenn Gould – the subject of one of their songs – and the reasoning behind piano additions.

The troupe – made up of Adrian Glynn, Barbara Adler, Brendan McLeod, and Steve Charles – has toured Canada and Europe, performing in the Vienna Literary Festival to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. The songwriters, poets and musicians will return to Europe this winter.


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