Grade 6 Students Go Outdoors

by Mattia, Grade 6

On September 27th, 2010, all Grade 6 students went to Metchosin Wilderness Camp. In one day at the camp we did a variety of things like: rock climbing, gardening, and precision rope swinging. All this tied into the four pillars of our school: courage, honesty, service, and respect. I think the purpose of this field trip was to work on our skills as a team and how we work together.

My favorite part was when my friends and I had to climb up a wooden log with a platform on top and we had to all climb onto the platform and stand up. There was also a challenge we had a chance to do, where we got up to the platform we had to let go of our ropes and cling hands with our group and lean back. Lucie, Edward, and I did the challenge, at first it was scary then when you got into it, it was a blast!

In the rock-climbing area, there were two sides of climbing walls: one side was easier and the other more difficult. Then there was a cargo net that was actually very hard, then the wooden log. In the gardening area, we learned how the tools worked and what they were used for. With the tools, we pulled weeds and raked. In the rope swinging area, there was a platform with a width of two and a half feet, and my friends and I had to land on the square. There were about 15 or 16 people that needed to land on the platform. We started on a tree stump and we were handed a Tarzan rope that we had to use to jump over the pit of lava (dirt). We had to problem solve together, and every so often we had gained a small wood plank that we could use. Very fun!

This field trip was extremely fun because it gave everyone the chance to work with people that they don’t normally work with and it gave us all the chance to pitch in ideas and help one another.


  1. Mattia, I watched you Lucie and Edward fall back from the top of the climbing structure. How very courageous you were! I was very impressed with the Grade 6 group. There were many examples throughout the day of amazing trust and teamwork.

    Thanks for your write-up.

    Mrs. Haydock


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