Four Poets Read at SMUS

by Sydney Snape, Grade 12 student

Victoria is a fabulous place where writers and artists alike can gather and share their deepest secrets and most private works. On Thursday, September 23, SMUS was once again filled with the poetry stylings of four well-known local poets. The chairs in Wenman were full as each poet took their turn reading from their newest collection of poetry.

Dorothy Field read from The Blackbird Must Be, her latest collection. Her poems from the second half, about the visits the tree in her backyard received were unique and thoughtful. The rhythm was able to put the listener into a trance-daydream. The Blackbird Must Be was featured at a book launch party on Saturday along Patricia Young and Susan Stenson’s new collections.

Eve Jospeh read from her collection of poetry, The Secret Signature of Things, which allowed the reader to dive into the characters and experience the poems. Patricia Young, Mr. Terrance Young’s wife, read from The Auto-Erotic History of Swings which was also featured at the book launch on Saturday. Her collection features poems about sex and god, both heavy topics that were brought into a beautiful new light.

Claremont Secondary’s Susan Stenson read from Nobody Move, her newest collection also launched Saturday. Stenson’s readings brought out emotions with her outstanding use of language and voice.

Poetry evenings at SMUS are critical for our community and culture; writers and students who love to read filled Wenman with a sense of togetherness. SMUS’s outstanding writing program is releasing dozens of students ready with their pens to create the next Giller-Prize winner.


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