News from U Miami and U San Diego


University visitors from two of the sunniest places in North America U Miami (Juan Alverez) and U San Diego (Maria Malloy) kicked off our university visits schedule this week.  Both had encouraging news about scholarships for international students.  UMiami and USD offer scholarships based on academic merit with SAT scores in excess of 1950 garnering full ride scholarships at UMiami and SAT scores over 1870 putting students on a sliding scale of scholarship money from $5000 – 20000 per year at USD.

Other news from USD:

  • International students do not have to write SATs unless they want to be considered for scholarship
  • Maria is very familiar with SMUS and is more than happy to answer questions from our students
  • They are a liberal arts school but business is their forte
  • There is grant money available for students who would like to study abroad


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