SMUS: Where Everyone Belongs

by Owen, Grade 8

Where Everyone Belongs or WEB is the name of a newly developed leadership programme for Middle School students. The WEB leader programme is a leadership course in which a Grade 8 student helps a group of Grade 6 students make a successful transfer into Middle School.

At the end of Grade 7, I decided to be a part of the WEB leader program for the upcoming year. I decided to be a WEB leader because I remember when I was in Grade 6 on the first day of my Middle School experience and I have to tell you that it was kind of scary being the little kid in school. So after that I decided that I should become a WEB leader because no kid should come into Middle School and be afraid.

Middle School isn’t bad at all. In fact it’s been absolutely great so far. There has only been one bad thing about the WEB leader course and that’s having to get up super early to get to the training sessions. That didn’t stop anyone from coming out and learning how to be a successful WEB leader. WEB has been a great experience so I definitely encourage the upcoming Grade 8 students to sign up and give the next year’s Grade 6 students a great Middle School experience.


  1. Hi Owen

    I loved your writing! Great description of how you felt before assuming the role.

    Thanks for taking the time to take this on. I know how busy your days can be with all the things that you are involved in.

    You are a wonderful representative of our Middle School. To lead. To learn. To serve. That’s what you are doing!

    With thanks,

    Mrs. Haydock


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