Q&A with Head Boy and Girl: Part 2

by Erin Anderson, editor

As the leaders of the Prefect Council, the Head Boy and Head Girl have a lot of responsibilities, from running assembly on Mondays to volunteering for school events. This year’s Head Boy, Brian Christensen, and Head Girl, Sky Richards, were announced at the end of last year. Below, Brian Christensen talks a bit about his new role.

For new students, can you describe your interests, sports, clubs, etc.
Brian: My interests are pretty broad, so I am involved in a variety of activities ranging mainly between athletics and the arts; these include Arts Council, Senior soccer, Student Theatre Society, Vocal Jazz, and the school musical. In past years, it has become somewhat of a balancing act for me to keep up with all my activities as the year has progressed, but I’m hoping that this year I may have an easier time. I also spend a lot of time outside of school playing guitar and jamming with other musicians, and I have a soft spot for good TV on DVD.

What qualities does your partner possess that you think will be really helpful in his/her new role?
Brian: I think Sky is a person that, amid the pressures of the year, will be able to keep her head straight and focus on one task at a time. Rather than becoming overwhelmed about the things she has to accomplish, she has the ability to take things on systematically and avoid becoming bogged down and stressed. She seems not to be intimidated by the prospect of her position throughout the year, which I find very admirable. Sky is also very organized, which is something that I feel sure will come in handy this year.

What do you think is the most important aspect of being Head Boy/Girl?
Brian: I think the most important part of being Head Boy is just to set a good example for your classmates. Much of the leadership in this school has been based on organizing events and running a club or council, but I see the role of Head Boy as one where instead you lead by example in the day to day life of being a student.

What duty are you most excited about?
Brian: To be honest, I am pretty excited to stand up in front of the mic in assemblies and tell jokes. I have been waiting a long time to share my comic genius with my peers, and I think now is the time for everyone to recognize the uncompromisable wit that I will impart…hehehe. But in all seriousness, I am looking forward to getting to know the school community better, and figuring out how this whole operation works!

Do you have any exciting plans for this year?
Brian: Perhaps… If I told you, they wouldn’t be very exciting or surprising now, would they?


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