Junior School Welcomes Families with Food

by Kathleen Cook, Admissions

The Junior School celebrated the beginning of another year that past Friday with its traditional welcome barbecue. All families, staff and friends are invited to visit the Oak Bay campus for hot dogs and hamburgers, cooked up by SMUS, as well as salads and desserts brought in by other guests. The barbecue is a great chance for parents to talk to different teachers, for new parents at the school to meet other SMUS parents, and for the Junior School students to play a few games. Thought the weather wasn’t particularly gorgeous, the event was still very well-attended and very much enjoyed.

As different families entered, their portraits were taken, so that their photos could be displayed on the Virtues board. The virtue for September is friendliness and this year’s barbecue was a great example of how to be friendly and welcome new people. OUr new students also had their pictures taken, and their photos as well as short interviews with them will be posted on the Welcome board, so that students can learn about each other and make each other feel welcome.


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