House Games Victory at the Middle School

be Ben, Grade 6

The house games at SMUS Middle School took place on Friday, September 10th. I think they were fun! There were all kinds of events from patato sack races to a liquorice-eating competition. In the end the house, that won it all was the not-so mighty Wennman house and tied for second was Winslow and Barnacle house. Third place went to the best house ever! That’s right, Bolton house! And that’s all I have to say about the house games!

Event Winners

  • House Cheer: Winslow
  • Show Relay: Wenman
  • Licorice Race: Wenman
  • Egg and Spoon: Barnacle
  • Balloon Relay: Bolton
  • Potato Sack: Wenman
  • Smartie-on-a-Straw Race: Winslow
  • Three-legged Race: Winslow


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