What’s New at SMUS?

by Erin Anderson, editor

Over the summer, SMUS certainly wasn’t idle. As our summer programmes filled the campus week after week, we also found the time to make a few additions to the school. Below are some of the things that are new for this year.

Activity Additions

Senior School: Kepler Project
For students interested in outer space, Ms. Amirault will be running this programme as part of an outreach project with the NASA Ames Research Center and the University of Berkeley. Twenty-one students will learn how exoplanets (life-sustaining planets outside of our solar system) are discovered and search for exoplanets.

Read more in the Senior School Activities Guide.

Middle School: Where Everyone Belongs
The new WEB programme welcomes Grade 6 students as well as new Grade 7 and 8 students. The programme strives to help students settle into their first year at SMUS Middle School. After a great kick-off this week, the programme will continue throughout the year. This year’s Grade 7 students can sign-up to be Grade 8 WEB leaders for next year!

Read about all the activities in the Middle School Activity Guide.

Some New Staff
Boarding (three alumni)

  • Kevin Lin, Bolton
  • Liz Humphries, Winslow
  • Dave Redpath

Senior School

  • Jenn Bateman, ESL
  • Aimee Daly, history

Middle School

  • Lucia MacKenzie, Math
  • Mina Maclean, English
  • Rob Nichol, teacher librarian

Junior School

  • Rachel Boult, teacher assistant
  • Anna Kohlen and Jamie Miller, sports
  • Tessa Lloyd, counselling
  • Ryoko Sano, Japanese

Campus Changes

  • In June, students helped assemble some solar panels, which have now been installed onto the roof of Harvey/Symons house. The solar panels will preheat the water in the boarding houses and save on electricity.
  • Another environmental initiative was the installation of much more efficient lights in the double gym. The new lights will massively reduce in power consumption and allow for more lighting control.
  • The Timmis/Bolton House also had some renovations done this summer, getting some new carpet and a fresh coat of paint.
  • Over the summer, Junior school added a new room. The space will hold their first science lab.


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