Q&A with Head Boy and Girl: Part 1

by Erin Anderson, editor

As the leaders of the Prefect Council, the Head Boy and Head Girl have a lot of responsibilities, from running assembly on Mondays to volunteering for school events. This year’s Head Boy, Brian Christensen, and Head Girl, Sky Richards, were announced at the end of last year. Below, Sky Richards talks a bit about her new role.

For new students, can you describe your interests, sports, clubs, etc.

Sky: My interests are basically everything when I think about it. I’ve always liked the arts so I’m quite involved in SMUS Theatre Society, recently in the musicals, and art has always been something I’ve enjoyed. Even though I’m not taking an art class, I still draw and make pieces whenever I can. I’m not sure if you can tell (due to my massive physique)…but I’m not the biggest sports player. I’m actually pretty interested in trying most sports, but for now I do rowing; mostly coxing for the past two years, and I dabble in track. I actually really like running although I can’t say I’m a long distance runner. I am also very excited to get back into Free the Children, Arts Council, and volunteering through Service Leadership this year. There are so many great clubs and councils that I wish they weren’t on the same days so I could go into more. I’m also very interested in all of my classes. I just enjoy listening to teachers who are passionate about their subjects and learning from them. Yes, I am kind of a nerd, but don’t make fun! I just like to try everything.

What qualities does your partner possess that you think will be really helpful in his/her new role?

Sky: I think Brian has such an optimistic outlook that he’ll really be able to bring out everyone’s energy and keep up a good overall mood. He is very animated and enthusiastic in just about every sense and it’s so great to have someone be able to think about the best in people and in the school. Brian is also a very loyal person. He’s been a really great friend of mine for quite a few years and I know he brings out the greatness in people.

What do you think is the most important aspect of being Head Boy/Girl?

Sky: For me, the most important aspect of being Head Girl is to really just respect yourself, and others, and to work for what is best for everyone. I believe when one does that, they become a good role model and set the tone for a positive outlook and outcome. I’m still Sky from Florida. I’m still here to help out and listen whenever I can. No one should change themselves for a title; a title should just emphasizes what has already been instilled in someone from the beginning.

What duty are you most excited about?

Sky: The duty I am most excited about is being able to initiate changes that might be needed, whether they are big or small. There is always something that needs to be improved, and hopefully the position of Head Girl will give me the boost I need to make some improvements. I just hope that now I’ll be able to get to identify and tackle issues that need attention or improvement. Sometimes one just has to roll up their sleeves and say, this isn’t perfect, nothing is, but I’m ready to take it head on. I do understand that nothing changes overnight, but to be a part of a ripple effect would be the absolute best.

Do you have any exciting plans for this year?

Sky: Yes, I have many plans whether it’s about Halloween candy grams, the Spring Fair, or things that can hopefully unite more students together. It’s just the beginning and there is a lot to cover, all of it exciting!



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