New Year, More Students

by Sue Saunders, Director of Admissions

The first week of September is an exciting time, especially for admissions. We welcome the families who we have met throughout the past year and we prepare for another busy year of meeting students who want to join our school.

Every year, we see many students from all over the world and here in Victoria. We receive hundreds of applications. We interview all the students who want to join our school. It’s an incredible endeavour, and it allows us to meet some of the most amazing young people.

This year, we are welcoming 211 new students. Over half of those students are boarders, coming from as far away as Nigeria and Australia. We have 42 new students in the Junior School and 48 in the Middle School. In total, SMUS will have 930 students this school year and they will all make outstanding contributions to the school.

I hope that all of our returning students will help us welcome these new SMUS members, who have made such an impression on myself and the Admissions staff.

If you strike up some conversations with our new students, you might meet:

  • A boy who plays three sports as well as the trombone
  • A national-level debater
  • A member of the Victoria Lapidary Society
  • A national-level rock climber
  • A French-speaking soccer player from Switzerland
  • A squash player from Brazil
  • A superb violin soloist from Germany
  • A scratch golfer from BC
  • A Korean game show contestant
  • 4 children of alumni
  • 2 children of SMUS staff
  • A young man from St. Barts
  • 5 girls from Singapore

So please, say hello to any new faces you see. They will have some amazing stories for you.

Welcome back!


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