I thought I’d said what needed to be said, but the homecoming was too sweet not to mention. The trip was fabulous and the students were eager to arrive back into the arms (literally) of their families.

It’s the hugging that deserves mention. Maybe it’s because I watched Avatar for the first time on the flight home and I was, naturally, intrigued by the way the various creatures plugged into one another.

Chrsytine’s mother met her open-armed at the airport, enfolded her, beamed her gratitude and whisked her off. The entire Collingwood contingent blocked Arrivals foot traffic with their happy reunions. My daughter met me with a yellow rose and a hug. Chris, Kelsey, and Nicole stood nearby in a little knot and decided to hug themselves to tide them over until they could get the real thing.

The ferry ride and the yam fries offered a little more homecoming, but when we finally docked, Chris, Kelsey and Nicole took the last stretch at a near run, luggage in tow. Soon Nicole was circled by her mother, father and brother and whisked off home. Kelsey and Chris met their mother in the parking lot and dove into her arms.

The journey was truly over. We went to experience the world. But, in the end, the best part really was returning home, having done exactly that.


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