Colourful End to Middle School Games

by Nancy Mollenhauer, teacher

It was finally a warm June day when the Grade 6 and 7 students headed out on to the fields with anticipation running high as the annual summer Colours Day was about to get underway. The Grade 8 students had been dismissed at lunch to get ready for their dinner/dance that evening so the rest of the kids were giddy at the thought of having the whole afternoon without the older students around. Traditionally, this event occurs during the final week of school when exams are done and thoughts of summertime adventures are looming close.

Divided into their four houses – Bolton. Barnacle, Wenman and Winslow, the afternoon consists of a variety of fun activities and competitions to determine who will take home the coveted title of Top House for the school year. With events such as the egg and spoon race, potato sac race, balloon relay, cross country ski relay and egg toss to name a few, the idea is to involve as many as the kids as possible. Point scores are kept and to finish off the afternoon, we double the points in both the track relay and infamous Tug-O-War to make things a little more interesting! To say the staff and students take this event seriously is definitely an understatement and a close watch is kept on both to ensure that no one gets away with any unscrupulous attempts to alter the outcome.

As in the past, it always seems to come down to the final Tug-O-War event to determine the top points getter and this year was no different. With Bolton vs. Barnacle in one semi and Winslow and Wenman in the other, tensions were running high. All four houses fought to the bitter end but alas, when the dust settled it appeared that Bolton House had claimed victory by a slim margin of 3 points after defeating Winslow in what was quite possibly the best Tug-O-War match up in Middle School Colours Day history. A quick gathering ensued to celebrate a great afternoon followed by popsicles for all brought the afternoon to a close….another chapter written in sporting history at SMUS! Vivat!


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