Junior School Closing Ceremonies

by Erin Anderson, editor

The Junior School marked the end of its school year with a ceremony devoted to virtues and a fond farewell to the Grade 5 students, most of whom will be attending the SMUS Middle School next September. The Grade 5 students were praised for their amazing opera, The Barber of Seville, as well as for the fine example they had set for their younger peers in all areas of school life. Mr. Snowden spoke about his continuous enjoyment of his visits to the Junior School and Ms. Richards commended the students on the reception they gave the St. Michael’s School alumni when they visited to mark their old school’s centennial this June.

All of the students were celebrated for their efforts and received a record of achievement, documenting their progress over the past 10 months.


  1. Thanks very much for sending me this mailout, however it appears that my son Benjamin is missing from the picture. He graduated from grade five (5P) and was in fact standing on the podium with the others.

    Would it not be a good idea to include all the children in the picture?


    • Hi Charlene

      I certainly didn’t intend to omit your son! The review usually just includes my quick-pick photos, cropped to a specific size. Check our the SMUS photo gallery in a week or so for a complete set of photos. Thanks!


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