Grade 9 and 10 Students Celebrate the Year

by Erin Anderson, editor

Grade 9 and 10 students had their own closing ceremony, which celebrated their contributions to the Senior School over the past year. Between winning gold in everything from rowing to ballroom dance, throwing their talents into Miss Saigon, volunteering their time to help low-income families and performing in music marathon Keep the Beat, it was a busy year for the youngest half of the Senior School. For the Grade 9 students, it was their first year on a new campus, which also meant new teachers, new classes and new opportunities. The Grade 10 year was marked by another excellent experiential programme as well as active participation in lunchtime concerts, school councils, and, for some, boarding adventures.

Student speakers Karan Vats, Rebecca Berardelli and Cormac O’Brien delivered some excellent speeches, with both humour and insight, and the range of musical performances from the students certainly showed that the SMUS concerts will be equally excellent in the coming school year.


  1. Thank you so much, for having given an oportunity to my son Emiliano Iturriaga, to be in the comunity of SMUS, for the past year. For him it will be an unforgetable experinece for the rest of his life, plus the learning of a new lenguage and the finding of multiple friends from all over the world, which will make him a better person and a more tolerant one as well. He gain ,by his hard studies, the possibility to enter the experiential programe, another plus which we never contemplate when he entered school. Thank you so much for that as well. Emiliano will miss SMUS very much, and I only wish, he will be the kind of studen that will leave a mark , even small one, to his university in Canada. All my love from Silvia


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