Free Art at Middle School!

A message from Ms. Wilkens

Students, please stop by the Art Room during recess, lunch, or after school this WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY or FRIDAY and pick up your art. Everything will be sorted by class number and project. Please be neat when you sort through the piles so we can keep everything in order. Also, please take home your folder from your class drawer. We ask that the work on display in the school stay up to greet us when we return in September. If you really need it before then, please be careful when you take it down, and if it is in a frame, bring it to the art room so we can take it out of the frame for you. The work that is going to be on display for Friday’s closing ceremonies can be taken home that night, or we can make arrangements for it to be picked up on Monday from the office.

Please note, any work left unclaimed after Monday, June 21st will be sent to the art recycling center 🙂

Thanks for producing such amazing projects!


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