Middle School Partners with the World

by Mr. Jim Williams, teacher

Awareness of the World Partnership Walk (WPW) ramped up for the Middle School on Tuesday, May 25th. Retired Junior School teacher, Karen Dicks, attended our Chapel service that day. Earlier this year, she travelled to Malawi, including visits to local schools there. Her slide presentation and talk helped the students better understand the state of a typical school in rural Malawi, and contrasted it with the better quality of facilities and educational opportunities funded by the Aga Khan Foundation (the organization supported by funds from the WPW).

On Thursday, May 27th, the Student Council decided to host a service day to support this cause, raising a total of $565. The traditional Grade 8 student basketball game was held that afternoon, to provide both spirit and awareness of the WPW. That afternoon, approximately $1400 more was raised by the freethrow shootout at half time (funded by generous parents).

The 5 km walk itself was held on Sunday, May 30th, starting and ending in Beacon Hill Park. There was a great turnout from SMUS, with the majority of representatives being from the Junior School. At last tally, the combined contributions of the Junior, Middle, and Senior schools and families total approximately $12, 500.


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