Junior Students and Alumni Celebrate Centennial

by Grade 4 students Josh and Triumph
The 100th year centennial celebration was a celebration for the 100 years that St. Michael’s School has been around. Many of the Old Boys came to the Junior School to meet their old friends. We played our instruments. We played the school hymn and the Old Boys sang it. At recess the Old Boys gave us ice cream. Another thing they did was they met with us and talked to us about what the school was like and what it is now. Mr. Symons talked about school traditions, how it was made and fairy godmothers. He kept talking about a fairy godmother lady that kept flying in and giving the school money. For example, they needed a new fence so the lady came in and asked him “how much money will you need?’ and she said “okay” and sat down and wrote a cheque. He also spoke about all the games they had like a slow bike race and there was this one man who just sat on his bike and twisted his wheel at the front and waited until he won. They did a demonstration for us to show us their pole marching. It was a great day!

by Grade 4 student Rachel
The Centennial Celebration was held on June 4, 2010 at St. Michaels University School Junior School. Old boys came from across Canada to SMUS, to attend the centennial celebration. When they arrived, the Kindergarten class greeted them with red carnations. Each old boy got to wear a flower. They had lunch in the gym and met their old friends from many years ago. After lunch there was a celebration assembly which began with the Grade 4 students playing everyone in for the assembly. Mr. Symons gave a speech about how SMUS was invented. When the speech was finished the Grade 4 students played the school hymn on their strings instruments and the audience sang. Afterwards the old boys got together for refreshments and looked at many displays that were set up for the day.

Why SMUS is Important to Me
A centennial speech by Grade 4 student Ethan

Hello, my name is Ethan and this is why St. Michaels University School is important to me. Two generations of my family have attended SMUS. My parents, Nelson and Susan, came to the school and graduated in Grade 12. I am proud to be a lifer at St. Michaels University School and represent the second generation. Nest year, my sister Rowan will go to the Middle School and I will represent my family in the Junior School. When I am in the Middle School two years from now, Rowan and I will be together again.

My favorite part about St. Michaels University School is that we get to learn a lot of different subjects. For example, we have strings and Japanese in our programme. The most important part of St. Michaels University School is the people. Without all the teachers, alumni and friends at the school, our school would not be as special.


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