Student Theatre Delivers Compact Comedy

by Alexandria Butterfield and Jacob Boness, Grade 11 students

For the annual spring comedy this year, the SMUS Student Theatre Society took a new approach to allow more students to direct and perform in demanding roles. Two one-act plays were performed, with two co-directors and between 8-10 actors for each play. Everyone stepped up to create a great run.

Black Comedy, co-directed by Alex Butterfield and Hubert Wang, stared nearly all new actors. Jack Hayes showed everyone the art of physical comedy playing Brindsley, a poor womanizer artist who must return all of his neighbour’s (played by the fabulous Richard Boness) stolen furniture and hide a mistress (played by Bonnie Moore) from his bubbly fiancé (played by Dierdre Kieth) in a blackout. Others amazing cast members included Megan Parker, Sunwoo Oh, Jen Yong and Cormac O’Brien.

The other play that was shown was The Real Inspector Hound, directed by Jacob Boness and Robyn Hope. This farce on bad theatre and the world of the critic featured Brian Christiansen and Will Jevne stepping up to the plate by playing the roles of two theatre critics absorbed in their own personal problems. The play focuses on the fourth wall concept and even goes so far as these two critics stepping into the play itself. Other notable actors included Sky Richards, Oliver Brooks, Eric Protzer, Kaeleigh Fletcher, Michelle Wood, Lindon Carter, and Richard Boness (once again showing us his dedication to the theatre through his brilliant dual performance).

With an amazing set, crafted by Peter Leggatt, sound by Rowan MacKenzie, lighting by Tyler Beames and mentoring from Sophia Bryant-Scott and Maddy Goodman – it truly was a memorable performance. Every night the theatre was filled of laughter and each actor shone, each becoming a perfect character.


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