SMUS Students Earn Dogwood Scholarships


A few weeks ago, SMUS students auditioned and were interviewed for the Dogwood Scholarships, which arehanded out to students who excel in a variety of areas. Each scholarship is $1000 and can be put towards tuition or other expenses. Twelve of our students have been awarded scholarships in a variety of areas: French (Emma Abrioux), Sport Performance (Jeremy Bagshaw, Maryann Watson), Leadership (Kelly Twa, Scott Dallen, Caitlin Farquharson), Creative Writing (Lisa Evans), Classical Music (Katrina Gong, Janine Hsu, Benji Schaan), Photography (Talina Barsalou), Leadership in Health and Physical Activity (Jessica Spoor).

by Lisa Evans (Creative Writing)

For creative writing, the audition process was not too difficult as I am in Mr. Young’s Writing 12 class and had lots of work to choose from that I had written over the year. The application asked for a submission of five pieces that were diverse in content, form, theme, style, etc. I submitted four poems and one introduction to a short story I recently completed. The actual interview was very enjoyable. I spoke with Jack Knox – the journalist from the Times Colonist – for about 20 minutes about my creative process, the time of day I like to write, the pieces I submitted etc. It was a very relaxed and down to earth conversation.

Writing has become an important and extremely nourishing aspect of my life, particularly over the past year, having Mr. Young show me what it takes to write successfully. I have always enjoyed writing ever since I was a little kid, but now I am figuring out how to make my ideas both precise and concise, and how to use language to manipulate tone. I’ve definitely developed my own style over the past year, and Mr. Young had played a major role in critiquing me with the perfect balance of positive and constructive feedback in order to challenge me. I am greatly appreciative of this.

I’m planning on putting every cent of the money towards my education. I am very excited to be attending Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY next fall, where I will, without a doubt, continue – in some form or another – to nurture and explore my passion for writing. I am very grateful to have been honoured with a Dogwood Scholarship, and it will definitely lessen my (and my parents’) financial load next year!

by Caitlin Farquharson (Leadership)

The application process was rather involved, with a portfolio required, but the interview went really smooth and the adjudicators were extremely nice! I am planning on putting all of the scholarship money towards school. I am attending UBC next year to attend the Sauder School of Business.

by Jessica Spoor (Leadership in Health and Physical Activity)

The audition process was a neat experience. It gave me the opportunity to show how passionate I am about my coaching and volunteering for the rowing community. I plan to put the all the money toward tuition next at UBC, where I plan to study psychology and linguistics in hopes of becoming a speech pathologist.

by Talina Barsalou (Photography)

I am extremely happy about receiving the Dogwood Scholarship. The audition process went very smooth for me and I got some good feedback from the judge. I haven’t decided what Im going to do with the money yet, I will probably go on a little shopping spree, or put it in my savings.

by Emma Abrioux (French)

I applied for a scholarship in languages (French) and in order to audition I had to talk with a teacher in my language for about 40 minutes, answering various questions about myself and school etc. I will be attending UVic, studying in the faculty of sciences, next year, in hopes of pursuing pharmacy. I’ll be putting the money towards paying my tuition.


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