Middle School Students Lead Senior School Chapel

by Claire Williams, Grade 8 student

The most powerful rule: the Golden Rule. The most powerful way to get that message across: your peers. The Middle School chapel team, consisting of 14 students, presented the idea of the golden rule to both their peers, in the Middle School chapel on Tuesday, May 11th, and to the older students at the Senior School chapel, Friday, May 14th.

In our telling, the idea was shared between grandparents and grandchildren with a little modern twist: the involvement of graffiti. With the help of Reverend Fletcher, we pulled off the first Middle School-oriented chapel for both our friends and those older than us.

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion performed by Celine Doehring (Vocals), Jenny Hawes (Drums), Chrissy Robillard (Piano), and Jenn Park (Flute) just added that much more to the Middle School chapel. It was definitely the highlight of my week. Just being able to share something so great with two thirds of the school was awesome.

“Do unto others what you have them do unto you.”


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