Junior Students Walk for the World

by Diana Nason, Junior School librarian

SMUS and the World Partnership Walk hosted the Global Village Lunch at the Junior School on Thursday, May 13th. The children had the opportunity to eat a meal consisting of white rice and dhal (lentil soup) and to hear of the experiences of Senior School students who had been to Kenya for Spring Break.

While the students enjoyed the lunch period, they were made aware of the plight of children their age in other parts of the world. Since that day, the students have been registering online for the World Partnership Walk that takes place on Sunday May 30th at Beacon Hill Park. As they commit to the walk, students are afixing their names to bricks that form a school in the front hall. We are hoping for a great turnout for the walk again this year in suppport of schools and social development programs in Africa and Asia.

We are looking forward to seeing students, their families and teachers at the World Partnership Walk on Sunday, May 30th at 10:30am at the Beacon Hill Park, Cameron Band stand. Come to the SMUS tent to register prior to walking. There is no registration fee. We would like to meet for a group photo at the Rocky knoll the registration tent at 10:45 am. If you would prefer to register online, go to visit the WPW website, click “search participants” and type SMUS in name box. Join the SMUS team!


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