Grade 1 Students Go To Jail

by Amalia, Grade 1 student

When the Grade 1 class went to the Saanich Police and Fire Station, we saw Taz the police dog, we discovered Taz loves going on the treadmill, we sat on fire trucks and a police motorcycle, Scott was fingerprinted, we got to see the 911 call center, and we got put in jail!

Quotes from Grade 1

  • “I loved seeing Taz on the treadmill” – Nadia
  • “I loved getting to try on the firefighter’s jacket.” – Connor
  • “I liked going to jail and watching Taz do tricks” – Shae
  • “My favourite part was being fingerprinted.” – Scott
  • “I learned that everyone’s fingerprints are different.” – Alicia
  • “I think that being a fireman would be fun because you can pretend to be Darth Vader.” – Sahib


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