Eclectic Group Performs Traditional Russian Dance

by Anna Maeva, Grade 12 boarder from Russia

One thing I certainly love about SMUS is that people here are always open to and interested in discovering new cultures. Being the only two Russian students here, me and Anastasia decided to show and tell as much as we could about Russia’s distinctive and exotic culture and so, encouraged by Mrs. Zapantis, we came up with this idea about traditional dance.

Staging it was new but such an exciting experience! We are very much obligated to all our friends from different countries who volunteered to help us and demonstrated their dancing skills on the stage! Thereby, after only four rehearsals our international mix of Mexican, Korean, Chinese, Canadian, German, British and Russian students worked out perfectly and performed with great success on the 1st of May! I hope everyone liked our amateur piece of art.

by Karen Korfmacher, Grade 11 boarder from Germany

As part of the International Council, I was thrilled about the International Extravaganza for Alumni Weekend on May 1st. Not only because of all the amazing international food and goods at the market, but also because I knew that my Russian friends Anna and Anastasia would put together a group of people to perform a Russian Dance. Therefore, I was really excited when they asked me to join the group.

Unfortunately, we were kind of short on time, so that we only had four rehearsals before the actual performance. But as Anna was such a good – and strict – teacher, we made it in time. And even though it was a little bit stressful due to the time pressure, we had an awesome time learning the Russian Dance! Then the 1st of May came… and we were all kind of nervous. But on stage, all nervousness was gone and we just enjoyed the great performance!

It was a great success and so much fun performing with a group of nine people from seven different countries and cultures! And I would instantly say ‘yes’ again, if one would ask me to join a group to perform an international dance!


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