Students Serve Up Service Downtown

by Kathryn Leigh Parsons, Grade 12 student

Over the past few weeks, St. Michaels University School students have been taking part in a fantastic volunteer opportunity called Hot Dog Wednesdays. It is usually a group of about 15 students that go out with Mr. Cliff Power to cook and serve hot dogs to the people who live in Victoria’s Blanshard Court. It’s not just a warm meal we’re serving, it’s also a chance to make a child’s day just a little brighter. The children of Blanshard Court are the first to show up every Wednesday without fail, ready to offer Cliff and his crew a hand setting up, greet new volunteers, catch up with familiar old volunteers, draw with sidewalk-chalk, and play some serious street hockey.

We focus so much of our service efforts on international relief when too often do we forget that those who live closest to us might equally benefit from a friendly face just as much as the next person. This is why I believe that Mr. Power’s Extreme Outreach programmes are a great way to begin to engage in local service activities and see the city you live in in a new light.


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