New Videos on SMUSTube

by Erin Anderson, editor

Since 2010 kicked off, much has happened at SMUS and a few big events were captured on video. SMUSTube, our video and audio site, has benefitted from some new additions, some recorded by our very own students.

In the midst of concert season, we’ve added the Concerto for Electric Guitar, Rock Band and Orchestra, the wildly entertaining finale from the Baroque concert in April. In preparation for one of the school’s service days, Leo Marchand and Tom Zheng (aka DJ Legit) decided to promote the Spread the Net cause with their own talents: Tom shows off his DJ skills and Leo debuts his MC talents in Spread the Love, Make a Change.

Not to be outdone by our students, staff members showed off their own musical talents as they performed Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus (for you younger readers, the father of Miley and Trace Cyrus) in assembly in honour of Valentine’s Day. The intrepid performers were trained in secret by math teacher Mrs. Margaret Skinner. This Alumni Weekend, we also saw our students show off their dance skills, as a group of students performed a traditional Russian dance, which was captured on video by Grade 11 student Mandy Tam.

After Steve Nash ’92 visited us in September, we posted a video from his speech. Since then, we have added two more videos on Steve that were featured on the Arizona Republic website. One video is a profile of Steve and the other is an interview with Ian Hyde-Lay, who coached Steve during his time at SMUS.

From the Middle School, we have added Christina Robillard’s contest-winning student film entitled Wannabe, which premiered at the Victoria Film Festival.

If you have any videos you’d like to share, please contact us.


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