Grade 5 Students Examine the Legislature Building

by Gordon Chan, Grade 5 teacher

One of the highlights of the Grade 5 social studies programme is the annual trip to the Legislative Assembly. Both Grade 5 classes are in the midst of their politics unit, where they are divided into five political parties (Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc Québécois and Green). Their task is to research their own party in preparation for a class debate; the winners become the governing party of the class.

The trip to the Legislative Assembly allows the students to see democracy in action. The trip begins with lunch followed by a tour of the building. Students were given a historical account of the buildings as well as information of the workings of provincial politics.

by Jamison and Laura, Grade 5 students

We would like to tell you about our Grade 5 trip to the Legislative Assembly. First we got there and went to the dining room for a delicious lunch. After that, we went on a tour around the Legislature, and it was probably the highlight of my Grade 5 year. Jamison liked seeing the house where all the politicians meet. It was really fun. We saw three versions of the coat of arms and learned a lot about the architecture of the building and the architect who designed it.


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