Grade 2 Students Let the Bells Ring

by Mrs. Sharon Goodman

Several students from the Grade 2 class have been participating in a bell choir since January. Abby, Seung, Ben, Angelina, Joshua Jenna, Larry, Paris and Christian have practiced every Tuesday at lunch recess to develop their skills playing resonator bells.

The bell choir performed a selection of songs at assembly last Friday. Outfitted in white gloves, the group played with precision and confidence for the students and several of their parents. The gentle chiming of the bells held the audience spellbound for the duration of the concert, and an encore was requested. Congratulations to the bell choir for an outstanding performance. Special thanks to Mrs. Sandra Turpin, who provided the gloves for the performance.

by Joshua

Bell choir was an awesome learning experience. It was very fun and I can’t wait to continue next year. I played notes D and F. The performance was very fun because we played in front of the whole school and sometimes the school even sang along while we were playing. Sometimes, at practices, we would hide in the closet and surprise Mrs. Goodman by jumping out of the closet. In a few years, I’m going to look back and say, “wow, I was such a musician,” and I hope next year’s Grade 2 will do the same. I think our parents are very proud of us. This is the first time in the history of St. Michaels University School that bell choir has been done, which is really exciting so when we look at the history books, it will say our names with “the bell choir” beside them!


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