Middle School Artwork on Display

May has been a big month for Middle School artwork, as our students have been featured in the Independent Schools Association Art Exhibition, had their work used to decorate the Oak Bay library and seen their work go on display as part of Alumni Weekend festivities. The ISA show has ended, but student artwork will be on display in Oak Bay until Wednesday, May 19th.

by Bryce Fenton, Grade 8 artist

The Oak Bay library is full of amazing art work done by the Middle School students. There are clay lanterns, paintings, and abstract sculptures made from recycled material, quotes and imagery. My personal piece is a clay lantern made to look like a house that was a Grade 8 project. We could make any idea into a lantern; for example, we had some students make mushrooms and ladybugs. One project that had a powerful influence on us was the quotes and imagery. We had to find a quote that we liked and then do a piece of art work out of any medium, like water colours, paint or pencil crayons. Those are just a couple of the many that were used. In all, the art show is a great way to see sensational work by Middle School students.

by Jocelyn Gauthier, Grade 6 sculptor

My clay musical instrument was selected for the Independent Schools Association Art Exhibition 2010. Mrs. Wilkins set the theme of a musical instrument and I chose to make a French horn because I have just started learning to play the French horn, which I have wanted to play since I was in Grade 3. I took a large piece of clay and made it into a ball and then I cut it in half. I hollowed them out then I put some small pieces of clay inside it. They were wrapped in paper so that they would not stick together. Then I joined the two halves together and I formed another piece of clay into a French horn and I attached it to the outside of the ball with slip. After it was fired, I stained the French horn yellow and the ball pink. After that I painted on the gloss medium. If you pick up the ball and shake it, it makes a delicate tinkling sound. I felt very proud that my piece was selected.


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