Grade 6 Author Included in Anthology

Grade 6 student Simon Hassel was recently chosen to be included in The Dragon’s Tale, an anthology of student writing produced by the Poetry Institute of Canada from the top entries in the Canadian Schools Creative Writing Contest. The book will be published next fall, and Simon may also win a prize in the final competition. Here’s what Simon had to say about his winning story:

I got my idea from the Alex Rider series written by Anthony Horowitz. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the action and exciting plots in the books. Alex always had new and fun gadgets to help him in his quest for the truth. So, I decided to write my short story about a spy, with gadgets and fast cars.

Super Spy 001
Sirens were whaling as the robbers were making their escape from the bank. One of the civilians made the call to 9-1-1. It was too late. The robbers were already speeding down the highway with four million dollars in the car. The robbers had made a successful get away. When the emergency crews gave up the search for the robbers, it was time to call the Special Operations Unit with the special agents from London.

001 gets the call from Ottawa informing him of the current bank situation and the amount of money stolen. The commanding officer gives 001 the go ahead to proceed with the mission. So 001 gets on his private jet and sets course for Ottawa. As 001 touched down in Ottawa the wheels screeched as the jet landed. A man came out to greet him. He had dark shaggy hair, black aviator sunglasses and was wearing a stealth black suit. He took 001 to his office at the airport and took out a large silver briefcase. Enclosed was a pair of sunglasses, a ring and a cell phone. They were all gadgets for 001. The sunglasses had night vision, the ring had a tiny saw that could cut through anything and the cell phone was a G.P.S.

As 001 left the airport in his jet black BMW his cell phone began to beep. It was a video message from HQ. The message said there was an old warehouse where we expect the robbers are keeping the stash of money. I’m sending the coordinates to your G.P.S right now. Good luck 001 and the screen went blank. 001 drove through the foggy night constantly checking his G.P.S. As he neared the coordinates, the car decelerated slowly and stopped in a pitch black alley. He silently got out of the warm car. He turned on his night vision sunglasses and went in the back way. There was the mountain of four million dollars. He took out his G.P.S and hit the emergency call button. The money was safe and 001 has successfully completed his mission yet again.


  1. Thank you for the spy story by Simon.

    This answer is coming a bit late. I hope this will reach you. I am not that good on www, (and not in English either).

    I can just say that the spy story is very, very good!

    I wish you all the best.

    From Ollie


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