SMUS Drops Everything to Read

by Kelsey Bjola, Grade 11

Many students, once they reach high school, have absolutely no time to do what they please. Between English essays, science labs, rugby practice and school plays, students (and teachers for that matter), have no time for enjoyable things such as leisurely reading. On Tuesday, April 13th, the Library Council changed that. For 20 minutes during Flex time, everyone in the Senior School, from the computer technicians to our own Head of School, grabbed their favorite books and dove into worlds of fantasy, history, and pure enjoyment.

It was 20 minutes of pure silence, which no one seemed to mind considering how crazy campus life can get. This day, which is celebrated by many schools in North America, is known as Drop Everything And Read Day, and is used to promote literacy in schools. Many students enjoyed having the opportunity to sink into their favorite novels, hoping there would be future events like this to come. Fortunately for these students, the Library Council is planning to hold more D.E.A.R days next school year. This means more opportunities to forget about the stresses of life, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.


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