The University of Cardiff


Situated in the largest centre in Wales, where we also find the Millennium Stadium (premier rugby facility), the Millennium Centre for the Performing Arts (wonderful), Cardiff Castle (striking), and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (stunning), the University of Cardiff is a gem in the city.  The University does everything it does well, but I was particularly impressed with the schools of Engineering, Optometry, Law, and Architecture. 

Engineering is a comprehensive offering with a superb facility.  Many very useful, down-to-earth projects are being undertaken.  Students are involved some cutting-edge research and throughout the buildings one encounters student-built projects. 

Optometry is very high-tech but also a very humane department.  For example, they offer free optometric services to Down Syndrome kids.  See the photo below of 375 such children.  This display covers an entire wall in the School of Optometry.

The Law School is very keen on admitting Canadians and a good number attend each year.  Although one may enter Law at Cardiff right out of high school, some Canadians prefer to study Law in Cardiff after having earned a Canadian undergraduate degree.

The Architecture School at Cardiff wants high achievement in Math and Physics and they want to see a portfolio.  Each first-year student gets his/her own studio space. 


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