University College, Dublin


Situated a short bus ride from Dublin’s busy city center, UCD is a vibrant, comprehensive university buzzing with activity; the general tone is Up Up Up!  Stunning new facilities are being added to an already very impressive campus and things in general seem new and fresh.  The architecture is tasteful and inviting.  There are acres of playing fields and the central lake with its fountains is wonderful.  See photo.  Each school at UCD has a VP for Teaching and Learning.  This is unusual and speaks to the university’s attention to detail in academic programming.


UCD offers a full spectrum of degree programmes for undergraduates.  Of special note are the Literature and Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Business programmes.


There are several professional schools at UCD, for example, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Architectural Engineering.  UCD has Ireland’s largest collection of facilities for these degree programmes.  The university is very keen to see more Canadian students applying.  Unquestionably a world power in the sport of rugby, UCD will welcome enquiries from talented SMUS rugby players and all other athletes.


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