Royal Holloway, University of London


My recent visit to RHUL convinced me that this college in the UOL collection is superb in every way!  Royal Holloway boasts the top non-conservatory Music program in the UK,  – not the largest number of students in such a program, but the ‘best’.  They could easily also boast that they have the most spectacular building in the UK.  Their central building is absolutely breath-taking!  See photo below.  They also have extensive playing fields, a remarkably spacious campus, and several top 10 academic programs (Earth Science, Biology, Management, Economics, Media Studies, etc.)

Within the framework of academic programmes that are universally recognized to be top-rate, Royal Holloway is consciously evolving its assessment procedures.  The old “final exam is everything” model of evaluation is dissolving at RHUL and is being slowly replaced with another model:  exam + presentations + online assessments = final mark.   But this is no reduction in academic rigour!  For example, all students in Humanities and Social Sciences write a 10,000 word dissertation in their final year.  Note that their final year is their third year in this system.

RHUL keeps its teachers up to date in best practice.  All RHUL teachers must all take (and pass) a full year course in teacher training.  The RHUL Media Studies division is league-leading and very accommodating to international students.  An admissions tutor from this department is planning to visit SMUS in the near future with the International Office recruiting team.  RHUL wants SMUS students!

The Main Building, RHUL
The Main Building, RHUL



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