Spring Break Stories: French Culture Trip

by Sarah Fellows, Grade 7

This Spring Break, 31 Middle School students and three teachers got the opportunity to travel to Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. I was one of those lucky students.

It all started with waking up at 3:00 am Saturday morning. After eating a quick breakfast, we rushed out the door, and arrived at the airport for a 6:15 am departure. We boarded the plane, and prepared for a long plane ride…

When we arrived in Montreal, we were instantly immersed in the French culture. All of the signs were French, most of the people were speaking French, and when I went to get a snack at Tim Horton’s, I had to order in French. On Sunday, we went to the Sugar Shack, got to see how maple syrup was made and had taffy on the snow. We then got to enjoy lunch inside the Sucre de la Montagne – yum! Another one of my favourite activities that we did in Montreal was visiting the Notre Dame Basilica, a beautiful old church. Montreal was amazing, beautiful, and lots of fun!

On Tuesday morning, we woke up really early, and received bagged lunches for the bus ride to Quebec City. On the way, we stopped at a small convenience centre, the Couche-Tard (A Mac convenience store, but French). When we arrived in Quebec City, we went for a tour of the Chateau Frontanac, an old hotel/mansion, and of old Quebec City, which included the Red Bull Crashed Ice track. We then walked to the hotel, The Hilton, my favourite hotel out of all the ones we stayed at, which had an outdoor heated pool on the third floor. My favourite part of Quebec City was visiting the Quebec Experience. It was amazing, and really realistic, it wasn’t just a movie, it had soap bubbles which got shot at us (supposed to represent snow) which you could catch and it smelled really good, and a waterfall. That day, we also visited the Musee de Civilisation, which was very informative, (no, this is not why we have vacation) but still fun!

Our final destination, Ottawa, was a five-hour drive from Quebec. We arrived there, and went to check in at the Chimo Hotel. We also visited Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court (where we held a mock trial), and the Canadian War Museum. My favourite part of Ottawa was the Art Museum. It took us three hours to see all of it, but it was worth it. After our last day in Ottawa, we went to the airport and prepared for our flight home.

I really enjoyed this experience, and being able to spend it with my friends made it even better. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was amazing, and I would love to do it again. It went by so fast! I would like to thank the teachers, who took time to deal with us crazy kids and chaperone the trip. Thank you.



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