Gaming Exploratory at the Middle School

Gaming Exploratory at the Middle School

 Written by Shinai Sorensen, Grade 8

Out of all the exploratories at St. Michaels University School (SMUS) there was one that helped students relax, have fun and teach senior citizens how to use and play the Wii. This was the “Gaming in the Library” exploratory that, once a month, attended gaming program sessions at the Nellie McClung Branch (NMB) of the Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL).

In this exploratory, we, the gaming fanatics, played games galore, researched for new games to buy and brainstormed new ideas for gaming programs here at SMUS. On gaming day, we came into the Middle School library for our exploratory and everyone immediately helped set up the library, (because it’s small it’s not that hard of a job), by moving the tables and setting up the Wii, the games and the projector. We signed up to play the Wii, chose which game to play and we waited our turn to play. Before the bell rang to end the day, everybody pitched in and helped put everything away. Everybody who participated in the “Gaming in the Library” was very respectful of the opinions and decisions of others.

On the days where we helped out with the GVPL Gaming for Seniors programming, we put smiles onto the faces of seniors who got the chance to play the Wii at the Nellie McClung Library Branch. We were each assigned a senior buddy who we showed how to use the Wii remotes and play the games. We not only challenged them to play “Bowling” on the Wii and “Guitar Hero” on the Playstation, but we also learned things about their past and helped answer some of their questions about electronics and technology. It was sad to leave them each session as we would gather our things to go home and head back to school by taxi.

When we weren’t researching for new games and ideas to improve the library’s gaming program, or visiting the seniors over at the NMB, we were playing games. We loved Mario Kart on the Wii and the steering wheels that came with it because it gave us a sweet adrenaline rush for the race to the finish. However, of all the games we tried, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was a big favourite. Note: it was a game that really helped us a lot to forget about any problems inside and outside of school (and because nobody really likes homework, it helped us forget about those problems too!)

In conclusion, the Gaming in the Library exploratory was educational, was involved with community service and was very fun to be a part of.



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