Melodies From the Middle School

by Erin Anderson, editor

This Wednesday, the Middle School held a concert that was unusual in many ways. From the choirs, to the string ensembles to the bands, everyone seemed to add something new to the mix. Mr. Duncan Frater incorporated some rousing clapping into his choral pieces, and Middle School teacher Lindy Van Alstine appeared as a model for the song “Beauty School Dropout.” Three of our Middle School girls (Cimarron, Sema and Cecilia) contributed their dancing skills by performing some of their own choreography to the “Durange Tango” as played by the Grade 7/8 String Ensemble and Mrs. Mary Smith added some solo vocals to a catchy Beatles medley. Not to be outdone, Mr. Ian Farish brought in a very special instrument – an anvil – and had some of his trumpet players throw in a bit of their own choreography for “Mambo No. 5.” This was the first time the Middle School held a concert in March, as they usually wait until May, but the performances were as polished as ever and the variety and breadth of the selections, combined with a few interesting flourishes, made for a spectacular evening.

Photos are available in the photo gallery.


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