Korean Week Blends Old and New

by Won Yup Song, Grade 12 boarder

I had to go buy 40 pounds of rice. Do you know why?

Last Sunday, 25 Korean kids were making kimbabs. A kimbab is, in a way, a Korean sushi; it is a rice ball covered with seaweed, and a little food inside. We split into three teams: rice cooking team, kimbab making team, and wrapping team. At first everyone did not know how to begin, what to do, but as they made more kimbabs, they got better. Everyone worked steadily all afternoon. When we were finished the 40 pounds of rice, we had made 350 kimbabs. On Monday, we sold our kimbabs during recess and lunch. Me, Edward, David were crazy busy with selling, the line-up was super long, and our customers were happy with the kimbabs.

Last year during Korean week, we sold about 150 kimbabs, but this year, we sold all 350 kimbabs even before the lunch was finished. I was pleased not only because we sold them all, but also they tasted good and people liked them. I hope next year we will be able to enlarge this kimbab industry. =D

“Amazing”,“Hanbok is so pretty”: these are few of the comments from crowd after the fan dance during lunch time. Four Korean girls fan danced during lunch on Tuesday. Sena had a solo dance, and there were two group dances as well. Sena is a great traditional dancer, as she has learned them for many years now. I would really like to congratulate Sena, our two Christinas, and Jen on the fantastic dance.

Our highlight, the Korean concert was at lunch on Thursday. During Korean week, many people were telling me that they are so excited about the concert, and how they are expecting a lot from us. We had our Korean concert last year, and this was our second concert. Even for us, we were excited about this concert, and also nervous from the pressure from others. We had our concert planned a couple weeks back, and everyone was practicing their dancing and singing. We posted that Korean concert starts at 12:20 pm, but people were rushing in from 12:10 pm and by 12:15 pm, all the seats were full. It was so popular that it was literally impossible to fit in a foot into the theater by 12:20 pm.

We opened with Yunji and Sarah’s singing the Korean version of “I still believe” from Miss Saigon. Personally, I thought the singing was at a level that they could perform on the stage at McPherson. Sena followed with her “Sulpule,” a Korean traditional dance. Once again she impressed everyone in the theater with her graceful gestures. It was newer Korean dance that followed after sulpule. Sumi, Stephani, Christine, Purni and Sarah danced to a song called “Mister” by Kara.

The Grade 11 boys and David went up on the stage after to dance “Heartbeat” by a group called 2PM. I was surprised to see Yohan’s flip at the end. I would really like to praise Yohan, Paul, Shawn, Andrew, Andy and David on their great performance. Next was “Muzik” by 4 Minute. Minha, Yoonha, Jean, Sarah and Christine definitely showed everyone what a powerful hip-hop dance is. Last but not least, the Korean Grade 12 boys went up on the stage. Their dance was amazing. (well including mine, I guess). They opened up their performance with a joke. All 10 boys including Joseph were well-coordinated, and their rose-giving event was amazing too. (Hopefully, the visiting Japanese girl from Morioka will remember me this way *^^*)

So there was the Korean concert coming to the end. Here is the list of programs!

  • Yunji Kim, Sarah Kim – a song from Miss Saigon, Korean version
  • Sena Lee – Sulpule (dance)
  • Sumi Kim, Stephanie Yang, Purni Jung, Sarah Kim, Christine Kang – “Mr.” by Kara
  • Andrew Cho, Shawn Hong, Paul Min, Andy Tak, Yohan Choi, David Park – “Heartbeat” by 2PM
  • Minha Kim, Yoonha Chung, Jean Kim, Sarah Kim, Christine Kang – “Muzik” by 4 Minute
  • David Park, WonYup Song, Harrison Chang, Andy Sung, JaeHo Lee, Patrick Min, Calvin Kim, Kevin Kim, Brandon Kang – “Sorry, Sorry” by superjunior

To finish our Korean week, we had a Korean chapel. Our topic was unity. I believe that we, the Korean students, were able to pull this great week since we worked as one rather than individuals. Lastly, I would really like to thank these people for helping with Korean week: Ms. Zapantis, Yunji’s mom, Craig Kuang, Sena Lee’s mom, Bassanio from Sodexo, and every single one of 44 Koreans in SMUS. Go SMUS Koreans, and keep the tradition going on next year as well!


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