Because of chronic tendonitis in my thigh, my squash games are now restricted to a few games every year with alumni. Seattle happens to be one of the venues of these semi-annual squash games. Bob Kelley, class of 1965, is the host for this event, and as I write this I can feel a few of the muscles I don’t normally use starting to tighten up. It actually feels good, believe it or not.

Last night we had our Seattle Alumni reception, with a warm array of alumni going back to 1955. I have mentioned our Seattle alumni before – different vintages from the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties all have their particular loyalty which is heart-warming. Other visits we make during the year occur in places as far apart as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Portland, San Francisco, and a few more places.

Next week, my wife, Joan and I go off to Asia. Next Friday at this time we will be travelling from Tokyo to Hong Kong. After Hong Kong, we will visit Taipei and Seoul, all in the interest of keeping the links with our extended family warm and healthy. It is the fifteenth trip to Asia for this purpose. In all these places we will visit current families and alumni, and in each of them, as in Seattle, we encounter special people, a special welcome.

More next week.


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