Researching business, architecture or engineering courses in the UK: a primer


If you are thinking of pursuing post-secondary studies in the UK, there are many considerations to be made. How long does the “course” (degree programme) last? How does the degree or qualification transfer back to Canada, especially for professional programs like architecture, engineering or medicine? Are you eligible to complete mandatory “placements” (work terms)? And you still have to figure out where and what you want to study!

Universities in Scotland generally have a good understanding of the BC educational system, in large part because our two systems are quite similar; therefore, admission to a Scottish university is typically a smoother process. Outside of Scotland it is still possible, but generally a little more effortful to secure an offer of admission. It is often helpful for your University Counsellor to be able to deal on a case-by-case basis with someone directly at the UK university where you are applying. By doing so, we can help them to understand where you, the student, are coming from and our school environment. All that said, the general feeling from many UK institutions is that they are keen to have more applications from Canada.

One of the best places to start for researching programmes is the UCAS website, the central application site for universities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; non-EU students apply directly to the Republic of Ireland institutions. The UCAS site will give you information on each university and each programme, including required pre-requisite courses and admission criteria, along with links to the university website. You can research the Republic of Ireland schools and programs through the individual university sites or the site CAO Ireland.

If you are interested in business, architecture, or engineering, we have compiled information about admission to “courses” at a number of universities across the UK. It is not intended, necessarily, to be an endorsement of these programmes; it is simply a sampling of institutions where our students have applied in the past, as well as some that we might suggest a student consider when applying to study in Great Britain. 

There are at least a dozen university programmes from all corners of the UK detailed in each summary document. Click on the course of study (business, architecture, or engineering) you are interested in to download the pdf. Happy researching!





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