Junior Students Jump for Health

by Matt and Ben, Grade 5

“Jump rope for heart was an event where two classes would go into the gym and skip rope for exercise and to help your heart. There were three different stations, and at each station there would be different activities like Japanese jump rope, double-dutch, free skip, etc. After the two classes were done jumping, the leaders would go to another classroom and take those students to the gym. I even had the privilege of bring a Jump Rope for Heart leader. We also got a pledge form to put money in and raise money for hospitals to take care of patients and if you raised say, 30 dollars, than would win a jump rope or if you raised $70 you would get a soccer ball and a jump rope. But at the end of the day, I think everybody had fun and I think that is all that matters.” – Ben

“It was amazing! We did all sorts of activities using a skipping rope, including helicopter, skipping and double-dutch. It was a blast! We did this with our buddy classes. My buddy class was Kindergarten and my buddy student was Marcus.” – Matt


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