The Center of the Universe

Written by: Grade 6 Science Students, Olivia Donald & Aveen Glen

On Wednesday, February 24, the Grade 6 Science classes went on a field trip to the “Center of the Universe”. The bus ride was exciting when we were winding up the mountain on tight roads. We reached the top of the mountain and it was foggy and cold and that’s when our adventure started. 

We were unloaded off the bus and separated into two groups. One group headed to the left where the big observatory was, and the other group headed to the right to see the museum.

The museum was fun and entertaining with many things to do, like learning games on the computer, posters about space and more. One of our favourite activities was trying to lift the meteorite which was extremely heavy!

Next, our journey took us to the big telescope. That’s where the staff showed us the control room and pictures of galaxies.

The last place we went was to the presentation on Mars, where we learned that we may be able to live there some day. Overall, our trip was fun and educational.


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