Olympic Updates from Whistler/Vancouver

by Larry Borgerson, staff

One of our transportation staff, Larry Borgerson, has been working for the past few weeks as a driver in Whistler for the Vancouver 2010 festivities. Throughout the games, he’s been keeping his colleagues up to date on all he’s seen and done. Here are some excerpts from his adventures.

February 5, 2010
Yesterday felt more like the Spring Olympics in Whistler. Once the sun came out, by noon it was close to 10 degrees Celsius. There is still plenty of snow but a “freshie” would really pretty things up and do honour to the term “Winter Olympics.” The village lights really are beautiful. I see them because I go on duty anywhere between 04:45 to 05:15.

I’m glad I’m doing this. As we’ve all heard, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. The excitement and energy is definitely building.

February 19
I spent some time in the big city of Vancouver last week on my days off – it was a lot of fun with big crowds. We looked at visiting a few pavilions but the lineups were too long for our liking so we soaked up the feel. There was lots of action on Robson Street as many blocks are currently just pedestrian only.

We were walking along Georgia St. and in front of The Bay, sitting on a bench, was Michael Ignatieff. My opening line was, “I saw you on 22 Minutes.” We chatted informally with him and his wife about how many millions of Canadians had watched the opening ceremonies the night before.

Whistler is, of course, also abuzz. Sometimes there will be three events on at one time (sliding, alpine skiing and nordic) so bus loads can be incredible (yesterday I had to pass up customers on one run because all the standing room was taken). Of course, there are still many locals and tourists skiing at the same time.

We have really got a stretch of amazing weather now. I’m happy for all involved because it really is magical with the snow-clad peaks against the blue sky.

February 21, 2010
I spent just over 28 hours in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday and the crowds were unbelievable and the festive feel palpable. Don’t miss it if you can find the time. Of course, the weather truly adds another element altogether. It’s a “proud to be Canadian” scene, without a doubt.

After my shift today, I took a leisurely stroll through Whistler Village. It’s different than Vancouver, but closer to winter with Whistler/Blackcomb and the other Coastal Mountains so dominant against the sky. However, it is just as electric as Vancouver.

As always, I really enjoy interacting with people whether they are local, regional or foreign. The Norwegians and Swedes are easy to identify as they love to wear their countries’ colours. However, if you’ve watched any TV coverage of the Olympics you’ll know that we Canucks love to wear a Canadian hockey jersey. Guess I’m a bit like that myself. No, I’m not wearing a jersey, but I turned down overtime work this afternoon so I could be back in my hotel room to watch the Canada/US men’s hockey game.

Come soak it up if you can.


  1. hi Larry. Thank you for your comments. Have thought about you and wondered how it was going. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. It sounds wonderful. I wish I’d been there. We just watched it on t.v.


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