Middle School Students Master Math Challange

by Jo Lunn, Middle School mathematics teacher

Some of our keenest Grade 7 and 8 math students recently took part in the regional Math Challengers competition. Organized in teams of five, students answered a series of timed math questions. In the first two rounds, students worked individually on as many questions as they could answer. The third round (co-op) saw students working as a team to answer a series of questions.

Part of a winning strategy was deciding which questions to answer, as it was nearly impossible to answer all of the questions in the time allowed. All of these scores produced nine finalists in the Grade 8 face-off round. Then, in front of a live studio audience (!), students were pitted one-on-one in elimination rounds. Four of the nine Grade 8 finalists were SMUS students: Paul Choi, Jason Wang, Jacky Joe and Jennifer Park.

By the end of this buzzer round, Jennifer Park rose above all others as the best in Grade 8. Indeed, Jennifer’s score was the highest of any Grade 8 student in any regional competition in the province! Jennifer is eligible to compete at the provincial championships at BCIT during the spring break.

Congratulations to all of our participants: Nicholas Loughton, Zack Kahn, Stephanie Wong-Harrison, Nghi Nguyen, Shinai Sorensen, Vivian Lam, Jordan Lane, Kalkidan Amare and those mentioned above.


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