Winter Olympics at the Middle School!

Written by Jake Wilmot and Owen Sudul, House Council Members

On Thursday, in light of the 2010 Olympics, SMUS MIddle School held its own Winter Olympics. Organized by members of the House Council, the event was composed of four main activities. First, as part of the Opening Ceremonies, each House sang anthems written by students. This event was filled funny rhymes and written to well known tunes such as “I’m a Little Tea Pot”. The second event was “Human Curling” which involved students being slid down the gym floor on wheel boards in an attempt to land on a target. The event showed that persistence pays off and after having a few tries, the houses finally got the hang of it. The third event was cross country skiing in which four students had to make their way down the gym floor, sliding on carpet covered 2×4’s. This event showed teamwork pays of and without all the competitors’ co-operation it would not go smoothly. There was a brief intermission where we were lucky enough to be graced by the presence of the famous Bulgarian Ice Dancer, Mikail Rossikova (Grade 8 student Michael Rossi on roller blades). He put on an amazing performance. The fourth and final event, which was obviously the most popular event, was the house snowball fight. It was a four-way dodgeball activity and students really got into the swing of it.

 Overall the SMUS MIddle School Winter Olympics went well and was enjoyed by all the competitors.


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