Grade 2 Students Party at Senior School

by Grade 2 students Ben Lupin, Julian Fitzgibbon, and Jonah Wilmott

The Grade 2 class went on a pyjama party field trip to the Symons and Timmis Boarding Houses. When we got there, we gave our big buddies some bubbles. We had some too. We went to the balcony of the Crothall Centre and we filled the air with bubbles. There were bubbles everywhere!

Next, we went to our buddies rooms for a few minutes. Then we went to the Timmis House and made Valentines. We were very lucky, because there was a special dinner in Brown Hall for Chinese New Year. It was delicious.

The best part of the pyjama party was meeting lots of teens from lots of different countries, such as the USA, Mexico, Japan, Germany and China. We hope we get to see our big boarding buddies again.


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