Olympic Spirit Comes to the Junior School

by Erin Anderson, editor

This morning, just before the 2010 Olympics kick-off in Vancouver, the Junior School hosted its very own torch run and games. With an official torch (graciously lent from one of the official torch bearers), a police escort, and all kinds of patriotic clothing, a handful of students ran down Victoria Ave, flags waving. They were welcomed by a huge crowd of students and parents, who joined them in a rendition of Oh Canada. Several students stepped up to the podium to share their take on what the Olympics mean, which varied from the importance of striving for perfection to showing pride in your country.

After the reading of Olympic oath and creed, students divided themselves into their four houses. Each house was given its own 2010 mascot, and students moved through four stations to take part in all kinds of activities. In the gym, students had their very own Olympic Café (which serves pancakes) and were able to play improvised indoor versions of many of their favourite sports, from bobsledding to skiing. In the art room, everyone was able to design their own Olympic t-shirt, which would be displayed in the gym. Outside, students played hockey and other games, while in the library, they made presentations on athletes they admired.

It was an active morning for all involved and the excitement of the Olympic kick-off was definitely in the air.

by Erin Forbes, Grade 5

Today, our school had an Olympic day and as the Olympic creed says, ‘the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.’ Today, I saw everyone following the Olympic creed and that made it a good day for me. Everyone was having fun and that made it fun for everyone, contributing to a great day for all of us.

View a short video of the Junior School torch run.


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