Miss Saigon Poster Unveiled

On March 3, SMUS will debut this year’s musical production, Miss Saigon. As with every SMUS musical production, our more artistically inclined students offer up their talents to help promote the play. This year, Michelle Liao’s daring poster was chosen out of the many under consideration.

by Michelle Liao, Grade 11

What inspired me to do this design was when Mr. Gauthier talked to us about the play Miss Saigon, I was just doodling in my sketchbook, drawing what came to my mind first. The Vietnamese girl was one of the major descriptions in the play, due to her being the main character. So I incorporated the idea of something feminine into my drawings. Then I used the helicopter icon associated with Miss Saigon in the design.

With the helicopter in the eye, I thought of it as the reflection of one of the helicopters in the play flying away from her. I used this pattern to make the background of the eye look more sorrowful, because the play is not so joyful. Then I played around with Photoshop and the effects which it has.

In the end, I made six different versions of my design. They are all quite similar, but different in their own ways. I think my design reflects how the play is going to be. By this, I mean that it reflects the tone and mood of the play, because of I took what I thought of the play was about and put it together for this design.


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