Middle School Art Greets Olympic Athletes

By Leanne Wilkins, Middle School Art Teacher

Grade 6 and 7 students at SMUS Middle School spent some time last fall creating “original, colourful and bold designs.” The theme was “Dream, Discover and Celebrate YOUR British Columbia,” and the idea was for student art to be made into greeting cards for the Olympic athletes.

Grade 7 student, Uma Hallea talked about her image: “I decided to draw this image because I live near the ocean and me and my friends always go to the beach and play around. I found it really fun to take part because some of these images will be seen by the Olympic Athletes.”

Emma Loughton (grade 7) said, “I enjoyed drawing this image because of the opportunity…I chose the image because it represents a B.C. park.”

We have received our first e-mail response for one of the Olympic teams, Patrick Hassett wrote:

“Emma, Jennifer and Sena,

These cards you made are really nice. If you don’t want to be a famous artist, be a famous engineer for Boeing making jets. These cards were on our beds in the Vancouver Olympic Village when we arrived.

We are the forward team for the Korean Olympic Committee responsible for setting up the operations and sports practice just before the team’s athletes come. We have a few days left before they arrive so my days are 20 hours long for the past week.

Korea has a 4 man bobsled team, biathalon, skiing, short track, speed skating and figure skating athletes. We will bring a total of 98 people. There will be several medals we will earn so be sure and yell REAL loud at your TV cheering us on when you see a Korean team member.

I will be listening for you! Again, thanks for the nice artwork.”

Our students’ art is welcoming people from all over the world into the Olympic villages in Vancouver and Whistler. Overall it was a fun project for students and another way for them to feel that they are part of the Olympic spirit in British Columbia.

“I enjoyed doing the Olympic project because me and my class are proud to be Canadian. Even more proud to be living in BC and also the capital of BC!”

~ Sage Friswell, Grade 7

More “Dream, Discover and Celebrate YOUR British Columbia” images can be found around the school and on the website gallery at:


Sena’s image


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